Thursday, May 5, 2011

Imagine An iTouch Post

I can not recall a time when I was without you in the past couple of years. You have seen me through awful tutorials, worse end semesters, falling in and out of love, boredom, excitement and all that jazz. For that matter you are the one who taught me to love jazz precariously though you never forgot my old favorites-regular dozes of Dylan, Floyd, Beatles and the like. It will take me a long time to forget all those piled up bus, taxi, auto, car rides with you. On a sweaty Summer day when I needed to wipe off that smudged kohl from my eyes in a bus all I had to do was look into you. And I could always see myself in you. Of course, a lot of love and a bit of physics helped us do that. We have not just seen each other through traffic rush (ambiguity intended) but have saved funny men from drowning in the ocean from a sinking ship. I had my lighter times with you as well when we played everything from cards to darts and bowling to Hangman together. Though the real reason for all my wins in Hangman against you was you yourself. You have been my true word-power-made-easy; always came to my rescue to redeem the dearth in my vocab. But now that you are gone I wonder what I would engage in when I wish to avoid people; wonder who I would share my regular gibberish with; who would remember my favorite Calvin and Hobbes quotes; who would remind me of Birthdays, deadlines, pending work, meetings and beer/coffee dates. By losing you I have lost my longest playlist ranging from trite Bollywood to Indie and Jibonmukhi to Psychedelic. I am grieved beyond words by your sudden death.

p.s: My ipod touch died this evening. I have never been this touchy in twenty years. Pardon the mush. And to clarify: We were just friends. Rest in Peace. Amen.

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Amrita said...

this is v sweet in an endearing sort of way.:-) i wish your ipad touch could read this.:-(.now, you have given it's sudden death a fitting funeral speech.may it's soul rest in peace.god bless you and your i touch/:-)