Friday, July 20, 2012

Happy Birthday

For You, Didi.

On your birthday a book you wanted
And for three years I daunted.
I'm much less of a writer
Than you are a fighter
And even lesser a poet
Yet today a poem is all you get.

Buying you a gift is reduced to a joke
As I'm unimaginably broke
Also, it is no easy task
As you never wear a mask
For you a gift is only fun
When it's a United Colors of Benetton 

For Three out of Twenty-Five
You had the most amazing drive
With a beautiful couple
Your life was perfectly supple
With close ones galore
A Russian baby they used to adore

Then Ninety brought a puzzle
And your baby fat gradually fell
You felt like the big one at three
Having the ultimate liberty
Of bossing over someone
Your ultimate childhood fun

For twenty-two years
There were few tears
But a lot of laughter
That would last many years after
Many a roads walked
Endless nights we have talked

From school to college
You always had an edge
Then, in white and blue a prefect
And now, in Biba you are decked
When they skip a beat
Because of all your heat
Don't blame hearts for playing darts
In the end, only choose lemon tarts.

Your talents, they feature
From financier to teacher
Be it lessons or Papercup
You manage to fill it up
Just the same way
I wish you many a happy day
To fill your walk of life
To play the perfect daughter, sister, wife.

For a day like today, a day which is a boon
Any fool would return from Doon
To wish you a 'Happy Birthday'
If my words may.

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Sage Ricky said...

Exactly what I need ! Copying this for my didi .Thanks mam