Monday, July 16, 2012


Truth is a gamble
All, nothing but a scramble
English, Math, Wonderland
A make-believe helping hand


Take the word fine
And think of a line
You have two in your mind
Separate meanings they bind
‘How you doing, Sir?’
Asked your chauffeur
‘I’m fine. Thank you
Take me to English Avenue’
For not obeying Traffic rules
He was one of the myriad fools
Who had to pay a fine
Which was worth a fine dine
He was then heard saying
After paying
‘That fine
Was not fine


He who had no (zero) money
Was now at Avenue Sunny
Started his journey
To earn some penny
He travelled a long round way
And made 360 bucks that day
At no other place but Avenue Sunny
Still none of us think that Math is funny


He had a date with Alice the same eve
Stories, that is what she loves to weave
Her best is named Wonderland
It had a queer reader’s band
It is written as a tale for the children
But is best understood by grown-up men
And women.