Monday, June 22, 2009

Xaviers 5th floor

I wear black casuals. I look bad. And I stammer these days. Then this follows:

Professor: so, why mass comm?
Me: I wanted to do mass communication from the very beginning (what a glib lie!). I don’t wish to switch fields later.
Professor: do you read the newspaper?
Me: it has been a month and a half that I am not reading it.
Professor: (smiles) what are your political views?
Me: if I may say, I am politically blunt.
Professor: (smiles again)
He opens a book and shows me an advertisement.
I see someone with a belly in the poster and it reads: “what if it happened to you?”
Me: I think we should encourage sex education in schools and colleges.
Professor: (shakes his head) look at the ad once again, take your time.
I look once again and see that it’s a man with a belly in the picture.
Me: (blushing) oh! I got it all wrong.
Professor: so, what do you think about this?
Me: unless it happens to you, one remains oblivious of the danger, so I think this one is deep. (smiling)
Professor: when did you get your nose pierced?
Me: oh, this! sometime in May.
Professor: yeah, I noticed the day you came to write your paper.
Me: (afraid that the golden nose thingy will indicate a barashat-sense-of-style I immediately added) I will change this and get a diamond soon.
Professor: ah! Diamond, a woman’s best friend.
Me: (smirks)
Professor: okay, then. Thank you for coming.
Me: thank you sir.


olive oyl said...

you've forgotten to mention the accent part.

what an interesting conversation. was the professor handsome?

Odds and Ends said...

Yeah. I edited quite a bit :)
The accent part was sort of embarrassing. And besides I don’t know what exactly a loreto-accent is :|

ah, not very handsome but he was young :P

Anonymous said...

I'm sure you impressed him.

The Secret Keeper said...

that sounds like Tapu da

was it Tapu da?

Odds and Ends said...

@rudrani: sheta to ami jaani na.
toke description dile tui bujbi ota Tapu da kina?

Lost within myself said...

Well! If I may say, interesting.

dreamy said...

err I remember having studied Mass comm at Xavier's for three years. See, this post is just the kind of thing that makes me nauseatingly nostalgic and makes me want to go back to the good old jungle days of weird professors who are weird enough to be tagged weird, handsome, young, or otherwise. :)