Thursday, May 28, 2009

A little locket of fantasy

If the end to such an exquisite sojourn was not as bitter as it was you could have read a post which would tell tales
Of a sumptuous house
Of outsized windows
Of skipping my desired siesta
Of the fire at the other end
Of the engulfing darkness
The whirling storm
The incessant rain
The curious ways of her shy dog
The biriyani gobbled at six in the morning
With a bewitching belle
It would have been a tale of times spent with
The most beautiful woman I have ever come across.
Even her flaws are only a sub-set of her comeliness.
So, the bottom-line is: Despite of all the unpleasantness in the air I was greatly pleased that day.


Anonymous said...

which unpleasant day's ..pleasant tale have u scripted here????

Odds and Ends said...

a day when calcutta was stuck.
day before was great.
day 2's ugliness messed day 1's beauty :|

Anonymous said...