Thursday, May 28, 2009


Aah dekhe
Chule taan porlo
Chokhe dekhish naa, naaki?

With tears in my eyes, no
Ebar dekte parchhish?
Bhijye dili to amar rumaal ta
Jaa taa ekkebaare

Rumaal na beral?
Chandrabindur cha, beraler talobya sha, rumaal er ma
Now I know where he got it from
I just figured out Sukumar Ray
With a little help from a friend
With a little help from my friends
Good ol' Beatles
And good ol' Sukumar Ray

But beraler talibyasha is still recondite to me.

Need to meet senior Ray over coffee one evening to get that clear.
Is Friday fine with you, sir?


Anonymous said...

s"jaataa ekebare"...mostly used word by this gal..:)

Odds and Ends said...

still could not change that bit :P

I am. said...