Wednesday, May 13, 2009


It was sort of idiotic to break our record of not fighting with each other. Scribbling on the wall was an activity as close to you as it was to me. Last night my helplessness led to anger. It seemed as if I was being accused of a working process in which I do not take part anymore. You unlike me have bigger fishes to fry. You get pissed with people in your leisure hours to pass the time. I am and forever will be at peace to fry my set of small fishes. In my smaller earth I go through two phases. First, I get pissed off when something is not done properly. Secondly, I try to do something to alter the situation. However in bigger worlds people do not have the time for the latter. You by natures will have only learnt to piss…sorry, to get pissed off. I have realized over this not-so-required rift on a trivial issue that we are not the same anymore. You are now the big world’s red and white Marlboro while I still continue to be the yellow shitty Charminar. Or maybe the idea of us being the same was only an illusion that tricked us like spring this year was only an illusion of renewal.

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